Best Feng Shui Bedroom Colors

The color with which we paint our bedrooms affects the way we live. That’s what feng shui claims and a lot of people are turning to this philosophy to bring calm and relaxation into their lives. So, which are the Best Feng Shui Bedroom Colors? Let’s dig deeper into this subject.

The best color to paint your room, according to Feng Shui is pink and its multiple variations. This color is associated with love and it balances your room to bring love and stability to your emotional life. If you don’t want to paint your bedroom wall with pastel pink, you can just throw fuchsia or pink accessories such as pillows. This will definitely bring positive energy into your love life. Pink tends to go well with light blue and aquamarine. Also, remember to place pink candles all over your house and light them once in a while to stimulate energy.  

When it comes to colors to avoid, peach is number one on the list. In fact, this color is associated with infidelity. This color is avoided in bedrooms in China. Remember to hire a Feng Shui specialist if you want your house to look pretty and, at the same time, increase the positive energy.