Costa Rica Tourism

Costa Rica tourism is becoming wider. People tend to love this country since it offers a huge variety of amazing natural parks and views. Now, this country, which basically is alive due to tourism, it’s expanding from nature and hiking tourism to medical purposes tourism. This is due to the fact that there is a great medical system which Americans are starting to use. There are growing numbers of Americans who are traveling to Costa Rica to get better and cheaper attention. In fact, the number of people asking for medical attention in the central American country has increased Costa Rica’s domestic product in about 0.9 percent.

Not only Americans are going down south for medical attention. In fact, Canadians are doing it too. They claim that Canada has prices which are about 75 percent higher than in Costa Rica. In fact, treatments plus hotel room plus airplane ticks are lower than the price a person would pay for the same treatment in North America.  

So, if you go to receive medical attention in Costa Rica you can, also, visit the country’s national parks. It is a win-win situation.Most of the American and Canadians which have traveled for medical purposes are looking for less expensive and better dental care.